"We are glad to be associated with ROSE (Rural organization for society empowerment) a NGO doing yeoman service in the filed of education in the Rural areas of Telangana state, INDlA.
We have seen the activities undertaken By ROSE.

ROSE Team comprised of persons of eminence in the field of engineering, finance, and banking etc and they are doing selfless service.

We are convinced that every penny donated will go to the right cause.
We wish ROSE all the best in their endeavours."

Mr. Robed Fellner -Feldegg
Ulrich -kibbhaber- street I
LANDSBERG om lech.

"Me and a friend started an organisation to raise and donate money raised in the UK to the ROSE charity to encourage young women to reach their full potential through providing sanitary products, sponsored training and teaching and IT and sewing equipment.

We chose the ROSE charity as it is well run, clearly focused and delivers sustained and effective local support in Hyderabad. We know that the money raised will be spent properly and wisely. We are fully confident that our hard work will result in tangible results for the young women in the schools supported. Our visits and checks have proved this to be the case."

Mr. Russel Gard MD,
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