ROSE organization has been putting all its efforts since 2012 to improvise the education in rural areas along with working for other purpose’s like health hygiene for girl child, usage of solar power to provide the school with electricity, conducting tailoring sessions for girl child, maintaining vast playground and well equipped science and computer laboratories.

Activities conducted by ROSE so far:

Inauguration of the vocational training center to train the girl students on 4 April by Mr. Dietmar Schaechner a German donor as well as Mr. V. Seshaiah, CHAIRMAN ROSE.

Let’s dive into what school HM Mrs. Spandana Chaowdary says,

ROSE is supporting various activities of the ZP High school for overall development of the school as well as to improve the standards of the school by providing needed infrastructure like good playground, science lab equipment, computers for Tech Lab etc.

This initiative of starting the tailoring training center came with a view to provide the girls students required skills of tailoring and cuttings etc. which will help them self-employed after schooling. Most of the rural girls’ students may not go to higher studies due to their financial constraints. By getting these skills of tailoring they can support their families by getting good incomes and educate their children etc.

The HM Mrs. Spandana Chowdhary said that the girl’s students are showing good interest and learning the tailoring skills with dedication. She is confident the tailoring center will become a role model for other schools in future to follow.

Mrs. Eswari is the trained tailoring teacher who is imparting the training with great zeal and enthusiasm. The salary and other infrastructure are provided by ROSE.

Mr. YV RAO Vice President ROSE A social activist is behind this initiative.

ROSE invested huge funds for the school to have vast area of playground for physical education.


ZP High school Isnapur in the Present Sangareddy Dist. is a role model in this aspect.

They have good science labs with Models of body parts, good microscopes to teach biology. All types of chemicals, burettes and pipettes etc. for chemistry teaching. They have very good computer lab with more than twenty good working computers with licensed MS software. They have a computer Vidya volunteer to teach computer lessons. Mrs. Vani the computer teacher confidently telling that her students can work on word, excel etc. and few students even prepare a power point presentation.

For overall development of any student a playground is very essential that is lacking in most of the corporate schools. When a student joins in a play team, he is exposed to leader ship skills how to organize the Team or how to mingle and adjust with the team, he will experience how to tackle in any adverse situations etc.

Where as that is lacking in corporate schools and some of their students face difficulty in facing real challenges.

ZP high school has good playground due to the support of ROSE an NGO.

The school has become a model school to conduct sports activities in the. District.

Some of the students are selected for sports residence schools of Government of Telangana. And also getting medals and other trophies.

The school has good children pay equipment’s like swings, slopes, etc.

The school has good complement of experienced teachers who are very dedicated.

As the school has good infrastructure and very good teachers the message spread around the surrounding villages and the school intake has increased year by year.

Now the HM Mrs. Spandana Chowdhary under whose leadership all this development taken place says in a lighter vein that the next academic year she has to put a NO ADMISSION Board.

Ms. Charlotte and Russell Gard social activists from the UK visited the ZP school and the event organized by Mr. YVRAO and the team.

This is what Ms. Charlotte and Russell Gard believe, “A Girl student should never miss out the school due to their periods.”

This is the motto of Ms. Charlotte and Russell Gard social activists from UK. They believe that they have a global responsibility to support young women who need help all over the world to reach their potential. They are championing the cause of women hygiene not only in UK but all over the world. As per the words of charlotte, “I know how difficult having your periods can be”. There is a lot of stigma around this. Despite living in a western country with no taboos, it is still surrounded by discomfort and isolation, buying sanitary products can be costly, and for some impossible. That is why in UK, this year they have passed a bill, allowing all girls in high schools to have free access to sanitary products, to avoid girls missing out on key school attendance. A very progressive legislation.

So, charlotte started an NGO Called BUREAU, in her home town Glossop-U.K. She is very much concerned about the women hygiene in south east Asia, including INDIA. Therefore, she developed a reusable sanitary napkin pads with the assistance of her other team mates. She got stitched some pads in U.K, by the volunteers for ROSE INDIA.

She came to know about ROSE (Rural organization for society empowerment) ISNAPUR, who is doing yeomen service in the field of education by adopting the ZPH school, Isnapur. ROSE is also promoting the girl student’s hygiene. Ms. Charlotte want to partner with ROSE on women hygiene.

Rural girls’ student’s absenteeism is due to lack of proper hygiene. It effects their health. And the girl students are not able to concentrate on studies etc. Therefore, ROSE felt to do something in this aspect.

ROSE already finalized and placed orders for installing the sanitary napkin vending machine and an incinerator In the ZPH School, Isnapur. Disposal of used napkins is another menace damaging the environment. That is why to have proper disposal we have planned an incinerator at the school.

To have continues supply of sanitary napkins, Charlotte want to train the school girls, At the school tailoring center assisted by the tailoring teacher Ms. Easwari. ROSE established the tailoring training center at the school for girls and also funding the tailoring teacher salary etc.

Charlotte and Russell visited the ZPH school Isnapur and trained about 15 girls how to stitch the reusable sanitary napkins. They brought the raw materials from UK. Mrs. Charlotte gave a presentation on girl and women hygiene to the girl students of the school. She impressed the girls they have to come out of the taboo of periods as it is physiological phenomenon in the female body, and take care of their hygiene during the periods. So that they can improve their health and concentrate on learning in the school. The message was well received by the questions the girl’s students asked during the interactive session. Mrs. charlotte said her mission is accomplished. Mrs. charlotte and Russell presented three laptops and a projector to the school so that the teachers can present some of the lessons projecting on the screen for better understanding. They presented about 600 reusable sanitary napkins to the school to be used by the girl students.